Partnering with Canada's CN Rail, Schneider's new cross-border intermodal service offers truck-like service and transit times at competitive rates.

The challenge of shipping goods across international borders is more prevalent than ever in today's global marketplace. Even shippers in North America encounter vast inefficiencies when trying to move products between neighboring countries. Schneider National, a premier provider of truckload, logistics and intermodal services, provides the solution with the launch of Canada Direct. By leveraging the company's intermodal expertise and railroad relationships, this new service is eliminating the headaches that have traditionally been associated with cross-border rail moves.

"We put down intermodal roots in Canada more than 20 years ago," says Steve Van Kirk, senior vice president of intermodal commercial management for Schneider National. "In that time, we've pioneered the expertise to pre-clear customers' loads to move quickly across the border, saving cost and reducing delays. In addition to developing this expertise, our relationship with the Canadian National ensures that our customers' shipments arrive on time by receiving priority placement on the train. All the benefits of Canada Direct service are achieved with a single point of contact so customers have continual visibility of their freight."

Canada Direct already has heavy usage by Canadian shippers moving their products cross border in and out of the U.S. The use of Schneider's intermodal assets brings a strong, reliable cross-border service offering with truck-like service and transit times at competitive rates.

"Canada Direct was intended to be a premium door-to-door service offering that would make doing business across the U.S.-Canada border much more seamless for shippers, and that is exactly what we are delivering," adds Van Kirk.

Shippers like Gord Kipfer, vice president of Vitran Logistics Limited in Concord, Ontario, noted that Schneider's new service is meeting a market need and helping his business run smoother and more efficiently. "We've reduced transit time by one day as we move freight from the Southwestern U.S. to Canada," Kipfer said. "I think any service that helps you eliminate an entire day from your supply chain will be well received in the marketplace."

CN, whose rail network spans Canada and mid-America, is also pleased with the rapid development of Canada Direct and the strength of Schneider's network and operations. "Schneider is a great relationship for Canadian National," says Paul Waite, vice president of intermodal at CN. "As a premium asset-based intermodal provider running in and out of Canada, their vast resources help them bring in freight and allow them to service the needs of both Canadian and U.S. shippers trying to do business in the Canadian marketplace."

The launch of Canada Direct continues to build out Schneider National's intermodal cross-border expertise, which also includes its Mexico Direct service.