Trucker Buddy recently partnered with uFollowit and, both of which will enable better communication between truckers and classrooms.

Through the efforts of uFollowit and Trucker Buddy International, the Trucker Buddies and their classrooms can now communicate via teachers using smartphones.

UFollowit has developed a Trucker Buddy app that allows the driver to take pictures with his or her smartphone while on the road, which are automatically uploaded into a secure website. The teachers can then open the pictures to show the class.

Other features include a bread crumb trail to show where the driver has been on an interactive map across the U.S. The teachers also can take pictures of the letters the students write and then download them for the drivers to see on their phones immediately while on the road. is also partnering with Trucker Buddy to deliver better deliver postcards. Trucker Buddy drivers will be able to send their classrooms cards from anywhere in the country just by getting online.

Using the website, drivers select the post card they want, and type in the message as well as the teacher's address. For a small fee, prints, addresses and mails the card.
Drivers and teachers can design custom cards by placing pictures of their trucks or pictures of classroom projects on the cards. A small donation will be given based on usage.

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