An employee of the California Department of Motor Vehicles has been charged with taking bribes to alter driver's license records and issue commercial licenses to individuals who had not passed the required written and driving tests.

Michelle Carbajal, 37, is charged with 19 felony counts of altering public documents and 19 felony counts of computer access and fraud. If convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of 22 years in state prison.

Carbajal was an employee at the Fullerton office of the DMV and is accused of having access to and the ability to alter driver's license records through her work.

Between June 10, 2009, and April 27, 2010, Carbajal is accused of accepting money from 12 individuals in exchange for unlawfully altering their driver's license records.

She is accused of marking in the records of the 12 individuals that they had passed both the written and driving tests to obtain a commercial license. In fact, none of the 12 had passed any of the tests.

In all, the 12 purchasers paid $23,000. It is unclear at this time how much Carbajal fraudulently accepted and how much was paid to the unidentified third party/parties who referred them to her.