This week, the Maryland State Highway Administration began accepting credit card/e-check payments as an option for its hauling permit customers required to obtain oversized/overweight load permits.

The new electronic payment system allows SHA's hauling permit customers to electronically pay for permits, invoices or replenish escrow accounts that are debited. The enhanced method of payment eliminates the need to pre-establish a payment account.

Customers with pre-established online accounts, as well as seasonal and one-time permit customers, can now log into SHA's Automated Hauling Permit System at as a guest and immediately take advantage of this expedited payment feature.

A service fee of $4 per transaction will be collected by the vendor who is providing the service, Vital Chek, a Lexis Nexis company.

SHA anticipates the electronic payment option will save trucking companies and haulers time and money spent trying to expedite permit fees or interacting with their insurance companies to provide a credit bond.

The State's maximum legal loads are as follows: 80,000 pounds maximum weight, 8' 6" maximum width and 13' 6" maximum height. Any load exceeding the State's maximum is required to apply for a hauling permit to travel on Maryland highways.

On average, SHA issues more than 175,000 hauling permits for oversized/overweight vehicles each year.