Dart Transit is equipping new trucks that will be used in its lease-purchase program for owner-operators with Mobileye's collision avoidance system.

The collision avoidance system is being installed in 450 lease-purchase trucks Dart has ordered. The trucks, all Volvo 630s, also come standard with the I-Shift and have been optimized for fuel economy.

Mobileye's system features forward collision warning, headway monitoring warning, and lane departure warning capabilities, each helping alert drivers to potentially dangerous situations. With high-intensity, color-coded visual icons and audible alerts, the Mobileye system reinforces safe driving habits like turn signal usage, proper following distance and situational awareness, reducing the occurrence of accidents and related costs.

The system uses a smart camera powered by the company's proprietary chipset and algorithm, a speaker for audible alerts, and a compact dash-mounted display for communication of visual alerts to the driver.

The new Mobileye system was tested for nine months before the purchase agreement was made. Steve Gundale, senior corporate communications manager with Dart, said drivers in the trail reacted positively to the system, some even claiming it helped improve their driving.