Marten announced an change in policy for detention pay for drivers.

Effective July 1, drivers who arrive on time and are delayed by a shipper or receiver for more than two hours beyond the scheduled appointment time will automatically receive detention pay of $12 ($20 for independent contractors) per hour for every hour detained beyond the two hour limit, up to 11 hours.

While Marten has been charging customers detention pay for eight years, the change means that drivers will no longer have to wait to see if the customer will pay for the detention before they are paid. Drivers will receive the detention pay automatically no later than the time they are paid for that trip.

Additionally, Marten is flagging customers with a history of long detention times for follow-up by their sales team to address the issue. Until those issues are resolved, drivers that are dispatched to those locations will earn $20 ($30 for independent contractors) per hour for detention. Drivers will be notified at time of dispatch if their pickup or delivery location has been flagged for long detention times.

Detention will be calculated in quarter-hour increments. For example, if a driver arrives on time for an 8 a.m. delivery and the receiver keeps him in the dock until 11:45 a.m., he will receive 1.75 hours of detention pay (3.75 hours - 2 hours allowed = 1.75 hours).