The National Insurance Crime Bureau issued its 2010 National Cargo Theft report, finding that electronics and food are the most common loads targeted by thieves.

NICB identified 747 cargo thefts across the nation in 2010 with an estimated loss value of $171 million. Cargo theft can occur at anytime and anyplace while goods are in transit between shipper and destination, regardless of transport mode. Although most thefts are from freight moving by truck or rail, intermodal and air freight are susceptible as well.

The states with the most cargo theft incidents were: California, 247, Texas, 91, Florida, 66, Illinois, 56, Tennessee, 40, and Georgia, 39. Electronics were most often the theft target, 139 thefts, followed by food, 108, and clothing, 73. The month of February saw the most thefts with 113 followed by August, 78, and June, 76.

Through careful review of cargo theft incident data, NICB analysts have identified patterns and locations where most cargo theft occurs. As might be expected, truck stops, parking lots, warehouses and port cities have the most theft activity.

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