Mitchell 1 offers to operate a complete Service Information Skills Station to state trucking organizations that hold annual SuperTech competitions.

In 2011, Mitchell 1 will be setting up Service Information Skills Stations for these trucking technician skills competitions being held in Tennessee, California, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Mitchell 1 also conducts Service Information Skills testing each year at the Technology and Maintenance Council's Annual SuperTech Competition held in September.

The Service Information Skills stations test competitors on their abilities to use online repair information to diagnose and fix maintenance problems they are likely to encounter in their jobs. For 2011 State SuperTech competitions, Mitchell 1 will test competitors using their program, which compiles maintenance information for heavy trucks produced after 1990. Mitchell 1 programs are increasingly being included as part of truck technician vocational school curriculums to train technicians how to use the most up dated tools available when they graduate.

Mitchell 1's, and collect information to help diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4 -8 vehicles, including trailers.

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