Travis Body & Trailer, Inc., of Houston, Texas has just completed the acquisition of the assets of Everlite, Inc., the former manufacturer of the Alumatech Trailer product line.

The purchase includes all of the manufacturing assets, intellectual property, drawings, extrusion dies, and all production and sales records, but not the real property located in Longview Texas. The assets will be immediately relocated to Travis' 17 acre, 100,000 sq-ft manufacturing facilities in Houston, where trailer and body production will begin as soon as the equipment is in place and aluminum sheet and extrusions are procured.

The product line will be called Alumatech, and will bear a Travis VIN plate. The new Travis Alumatech product line will begin building virtually the same trailers and bodies as were produced by Everlite. The offerings will include aluminum end-dumps in frameless, quarter-frame, and frame-type configurations, along with the all-aluminum Alumatech dump body.

Distribution of the Travis Alumatech models will be achieved through a combination of the existing Travis independent dealer network, and by adding dealer relationships with several of the former Everlite dealers.

Replacement parts and service for Alumatech trailers will be available immediately from Travis Body & Trailer, in Houston.

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