The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration added a new feature to the screening program that gives carriers a look at the history of a driver who is applying for a job.

The agency is making data available on co-driver safety and post-crash violations, in addition to the roadside inspection and crash records that employers already can see.
The agency said it also has begun showing the date that a driver's safety records were updated.

The Internet based pre-employment screening program (, gives employers five years of an applicant's crash history and three years of his inspection history - with the driver's permission.

The data is drawn from the Motor Carrier Management Information System and includes the same information that is used by agency staff and state police for enforcement. Drivers have access to the information, as well, and can make the report a part of their application if they wish.

There is a charge to use the system. Carriers with fewer than 100 power units must pay a $25 annual subscription fee and $10 for each record retrieved. Companies with more than 100 power units must pay a $100 subscription fee, plus the $10 per-record fee. Both are limited to 10 users.

In another development, the agency said it is strengthening protections for consumers who use household goods brokers.

Under the new rule, by Jan. 1, 2012 brokers must provide consumers with estimated charges and brokerage fees, as well as a list of the carriers that will be used, among other information. Brokers also must increase their surety bonds to the new minimum of $25,000.