Bergstrom Inc. and Webasto Product North America announced that the Webasto Air Top 2000 ST is now available with Bergstrom's family of battery-powered NITE no-idle systems.
The Webasto Air Top 2000 ST will be available with NITE systems through Bergstrom's commercial vehicle aftermarket distributors and truck dealers in the United States and Canada by the end of the first quarter of 2011, the companies said.

"The Webasto Air Top 2000 ST is a proven, reliable heater that responds to industry demands for better fuel efficiency, more heat, and a faster return on investment," said Bill Gordon, Bergstrom vice president of sales, aftermarket, and NITE. "This is the perfect pairing in terms of all-season performance and value for NITE system customers. We are pleased to add the Webasto heater to our excellent line of partner products."

CARB-approved, quiet and compact, the Webasto Air Top 2000 ST produces 7,000 Btu and can operate for 20 hours on a single gallon of fuel. It weighs 5.7 pounds, the lightest auxiliary heater in its class.

As a battery-powered, no-idling system, CARB-approved NITE systems incorporate an independent battery power source to provide electric service for climate control. This helps drivers reduce emissions and comply with anti-idling laws. Packaging the two systems together delivers the convenience of managing heating and cooling with one integrated set of controls.

"This is a great opportunity for Bergstrom and Webasto to leverage our recognized strengths and give truck owners and truck drivers the most efficient, effective combination of no-idle heating and cooling available," said Mark Hickey, vice president of business development at Webasto.

Webasto offers a wide range of auxiliary heating products. The Webasto Air Top 2000 ST is backed by warranty that covers 2 years/2,000 hours parts and labor, as well as industry-leading customer and technical support.

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