Vnomics, a Telematics solution provider based in Rochester, NY, has unveiled its next generation vehicle monitoring system, FleetKnowSys.

FleetKnowSys is driven by the Vnomics' NowEngine, a cutting-edge technology with a built-in intelligence system that knows what data to utilize and how to instantly, clearly, and effectively deliver decision-supporting recommendations at the most opportune time to maximize returns. Along with the NowEngine, FleetKnowSys is supported by a robust set of services to ensure decision excellence from the moment it is installed.

"Over the last 10 years, we have been developing the technology to fill what we saw as a critical gap in the Telematics space -- especially for the trucking industry. This gap no longer exists due to our technology," said David Chauncey, Vnomics president. "The technology Vnomics has developed is highly complex 'under the hood.' However, to the user it is amazingly easy to use. With our technology in place, clients are able to leave nothing on the table when it comes to producing significant cost savings."

Vnomics has already signed supplier partnership agreements with AmeriQuest Transportation Services and NationaLease.

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