A 2.1 percent increase in flatbed rates nationwide brought the average line haul rate back up to December levels of $1.55 per mile, according to TransCore Truckload Trendlines
, a weekly barometer for truck freight moved on the spot market. Roughly a third of the increase occurred in the past two weeks.

Rates for refrigerated and dry vans softened in late January, as severe weather in some markets led to an increased use of equipment types that are not typically seen in winter. For example, increased use of reefers to protect cargo from freezing temperatures led to a 1.6 percent boost in demand for reefers leaving the Dallas area.

Conversely, the Dallas market also exhibited a 4.7 percent decline in van rates, which was the week's biggest downward trend in truckload pricing nationwide on the spot market, TransCore says.

A more detailed analysis of weekly truckload rate trends can be found on TransCore Trendlines.