TRAC Intermodal has launched TRAC Connect in the NY/NJ Metro Pool and Gulf Regional Pool to supply Motor carriers directly with chassis for the pickup and delivery of CMA CGM loads.
TRAC Connect is a web-based marketplace designed to provide comprehensive chassis rental, leasing and related services to the intermodal drayage community for marine chassis needed on a short to medium term basis.

TRAC Intermodal has been selected as the preferred chassis solutions provider for CMA CGM due to the size of its chassis fleet, its sophisticated operating system, and the high quality of its regulatory compliance/liability program.

TRAC Connect now operates in NY/NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Buffalo, Savannah, Charleston, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Mobile, Tampa, Los Angeles, Oakland, Houston and Dallas.

"We look forward to providing CMA CGM's motor carrier partners in the NY and Gulf region with TRAC Connect, our comprehensive chassis solution product that is specifically tailored to the needs of motor carriers. We are rapidly expanding TRAC Connect to freight markets throughout the country to anticipate the chassis needs of motor carriers, so that we will continue to be the premier chassis solutions provider in North America," stated Steve Rubin, President and CEO of TRAC Intermodal.

Under the new chassis management plan, the supply of chassis will be the responsibility of the motor carriers. Motor carriers servicing CMA CGM shipments with TRAC Intermodal chassis must have an interchange agreement in place with TRAC in advance of the respective rollout dates for the various cities.

Interchange agreements can be obtained through the TRAC Connect website at

For more information, log onto