ESCO has joined forces with Ochoa Roadrunner Products to increase their already extensive line of tire service equipment in the 2011 year.
Roadrunner is the original inventor and manufacturer of the CHEETAH Bead Seater, and other tire-service related products. These additions to the ESCO line include several key tools in the tire service industry along with some new tools that will make tire servicing faster, easier, and less strenuous.

This new line of products, manufactured in the USA with American parts, includes the New Innovative Cyclone X-Series of bead seaters and accessories based on the manufacturers originally designed CHEETAH bead seaters. The Cyclone X-Series bead seaters have been redesigned and improved upon for easier and faster operation and are regarded by tire service professionals as the best bead seaters on the market, the company says.

In addition to the new line of bead seaters, ESCO is proud to announce a complete line of pneumatic and manual truck-tire service tools designed to make the job of mounting and demounting tires easier and faster. Also included in the line are redesigned agricultural and heavy-duty tire bead keepers, truck wheel pullers, tire mounting bars, tire inflation cages, and more.

ESCO has locked in with Ochoa Roadrunner Products as an exclusive distributor of this new line of tire tools. This new line of ESCO tire service tools will be made available through local tire service equipment distribution centers worldwide.

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