Werner Enterprises, Omaha, Neb., launched a new website, Wernercares.com, to promote safety-related and wellness issues to the general public as well as truck drivers both inside and outside the company.

"Werner Cares gives us the opportunity to communicate our safety messages to professional drivers and the motoring public, as well as to improve our drivers' quality of life while out on the roads," said Steve Phillips, senior vice president of operations.

The Werner Cares website consists of sections specifically for drivers and the general public. Featured topics for the public include accident-awareness issues, up-to-date traffic conditions and detours, driver testimonials, child-friendly games and summaries of current laws and regulations.

The driver-specific section focuses on issues such as general wellness, driver awards and recognition, recipes for the road and videos. In addition, there are also opportunities to learn about a career in the transportation industry and to apply for open driving positions with Werner Enterprises.