The Healthy Trucking Association of America has announced plans to launch a nationwide initiative aimed at making affordable health care more accessible for our nation's professional truck drivers.
Through a joint project with the Convenient Care Association -- the national trade group representing the retail-based convenient care industry -- retail clinics nationwide will soon be offering expanded medical treatments and services designed specifically for transportation industry employees.

The CCA is comprised of the nation's largest operators of retail health clinics, which will be performing a variety of services customized for drivers including Department of Transportation examinations, treatment of acute illnesses, chronic disease management, smoking cessation, and weight loss management, to name a few.

"We are very pleased to be working with the CCA to bring these vital services to the professional driver community," says Brett Blowers, HTAA spokesman. "CCA clinics are located in retail locations like major pharmacies and large supermarkets, which are much more accessible and affordable for drivers than traditional doctors' offices or emergency rooms. The CCA has made a commitment to the HTAA and to our nation's drivers to help their member clinics become very 'trucker-friendly' by providing ample truck parking and a number of new services designed especially for professional drivers and their families."

The official launch of the HTAA/CCA driver medical care initiative will be announced March 1- 3, 2011 at the HTAA - Healthy Trucking Summit. This meeting will have the leading HR managers and safety directors from the largest trucking fleets in the country. Health Promotion Solutions will be the organization coordinating the activities at CCA locations and the professional registry based on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration clinical guidelines.

Blowers pointed out that many CCA locations have already begun performing driver-specific services such as DOT exams and other services that appeal to drivers like flu shots, smoking cessation programs, and a number of health and wellness screenings. This initiative is undertaken as part of the HTAA's ongoing efforts to improve the health of our nation's over-the-road professionals and build a healthy trucking industry.

About the Convenient Care Association

The Convenient Care Association is a national non-profit organization comprised of leaders of the retail-based convenient care industry. CCA members operate more than 90 percent of the convenient care clinics in the United States, which today includes more than 1,100 clinics in 35 states. For more information or to find a clinic near you, please visit

About HTAA

The Healthy Trucking Association of America was established as a result of alarming statistics concerning the unhealthiness of the professional truck driver population. Current statistics show that over-the-road professionals have an average life expectancy of less than 61 years and exhibit well above average occurrences of a wide variety of ailments and conditions, including high blood pressure, sleep apnea and obesity to name a few. The HTAA offers programs to improve the health of professional drivers and has quickly evolved into the leading authority on driver health and wellness issues.

The mission of the Healthy Trucking Association of America is promoted via multiple lines of communication, including representation at all major transportation trade shows, the annual Healthy Trucking Summit, Healthy Trucking Brunches, an interactive website, a variety of digital media vehicles, a monthly newsletter, and the official monthly magazine of the HTAA, Driver HEALTH, which is the only magazine dedicated to the health and wellness of drivers. To learn how you can become involved with the Healthy Trucking Association of America please call 800-800-1198 or visit

About Health Promotion Solutions

Health Promotion Solutions provides evidenced based solutions to support chronic disease screening, health education and management to employers, insurance companies, retailers, consumer groups, government agencies and other businesses in the Health Promotion Industry.

More info: Health Promotion Solutions, or call 215-968-7800.