The Port of Long Beach and Vision Motor Corp. of El Segundo, Calif., have entered into an agreement to develop and demonstrate a hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric Tyrano Class 8 on-road truck
and a hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric Zero-Emission Terminal Tractor (ZETT), which is produced jointly by Vision and Capacity of Texas.

Vision's zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles will be tested to evaluate their suitability for short distance cargo-hauling (drayage) and terminal operations.

Vision trucks will be put into service and evaluated by Cal Cartage and TTSI, two trucking companies that operate at the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles.

"Zero-emission is a laudable goal. If it can be coupled with the power to handle heavy-duty drayage, it could make these new trucks a valuable addition to any fleet," said Robert Curry, president of California Cartage Company.

"TTSI has always been and will continue to be leading edge when it comes to the introduction and use of new clean technology," said Vic La Rosa, President of TTSI. "We are extremely excited about the Vision's zero-emission heavy duty vehicle. We believe that port cities located in the middle of major population areas will greatly benefit from this technology."

The Port of Long Beach is contributing $425,000 to assist in the project development and demonstration. The Port of Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners is planning to consider cost-sharing this demonstration project in the amount of $212,500 at an upcoming board meeting.