C.R. England is implementing some new high-tech diagnostics at its Lakeside Medical Clinic in Salt Lake City to assess soft tissue injuries.

C.R. England and Insight Diagnostics Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to provide state of the art technology to enhance patient care at England's Lakeside Clinic. IDI's FDA-approved Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) is a Class II diagnostic device and service protocol for assessing soft tissue injuries.

"The EFA provides a non-invasive objective evaluation of muscle injury that can be performed on-site at our clinic," said Lakeside Clinic Director Jessaca Latteier. "This new technology will guide us in making a more accurate diagnosis, take appropriate intervention and improve patient outcomes."

Soft-tissue damage of ligaments, tendons, and muscles, commonly referred to as sprains and strains, has proven to be very difficult to accurately diagnose and assess. These injuries, most often present as lower back, neck, knee and/or shoulder pain. They are also a major source of disability, representing the highest incidence rate, lost days and increased medical costs in the workers' compensation system. The EFA can also help determine the cause of the injury as well as whether the injury is new, chronic or an aggravation of a pre-existing condition.

"The EFA measures muscle activity and function at rest and during full range of motion to objectively determine the nature, acuity, and extent of an injury as well as the precise location and source of referred pain," said IDI President Mary Reaston. "This is important because it provides the blueprint to develop site specific treatment to return the injured worker to full duty and pre-injury status."

Lakeside Medical is a full-service medical clinic that provides private health care and occupational medicine.