The Idaho Transportation Department says one year after its launch, the North America Permanent Trailer Plate is being well received among non-Idaho customers.
Non-Idaho customers made up more than 35 percent of all of the plates issued since July 1, 2009.

Non-Idaho-based motor carriers prefer the special plate for several reasons: the cost is a flat fee paid once; plates are valid for as long as registrants own the trailer; and there is no need to obtain an Idaho title.

Capurro Trucking in Nevada purchased 168 plates for their trailers. A company representative said the Idaho's North America Permanent Trailer Plate provided good value for the price and made it easy to meet the associated ownership requirements.

RC Willey Home Furnishings in Utah recently purchased 104 trailer plates, noting that the permanent plate saved them time, eliminating the need to track down trailers every year and apply new stickers.

The permanent trailer plate program results in cost and time savings for ITD as well, resulting in fewer annual registrations to be processed.

Each plate costs $105, plus a plate fee of $3 and an administration fee of $4.

Proof of ownership, such as a copy of a title or official record of title from the base jurisdiction, is mandatory. Periodic verification of continued ownership and operation of the trailer is also required, but no additional fees are charged.

In addition, customer business logos can be printed on the plates. Designs must be approved by ITD, and there are some initial programming costs. Business logo plates are available to both Idaho-based and non-Idaho-based commercial trailers.

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