Diesel Tek announced a national distribution agreement with The Larson Group, which owns and operates Peterbilt dealerships throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois and Indiana.

Diesel Tek offers a line of energy efficiency products to the heavy-duty diesel industry that it says can lower emissions output while increasing power, performance and fuel economy. Diesel Tek's initial product introduction is its Diesel Tek Engine Flush System.

"Many rigs we service have elevated soot content and oil contaminants resulting from federally required emission control devices mandated on newer diesel engines," says Gary Larson, one of the owners of The Larson Group. "The Diesel Tek Engine Flush System keeps these trucks running clean and complements the emission technologies. Many other clients are holding on to their trucks longer and need the engine flush service to extend their engine life. Based on our initial customer feedback, Diesel Tek's program should be widely accepted by both fleets and individual owner-operators."

Initial testing of the Diesel Tek Engine Flush System at an EPA & California Air Resource Board certified laboratory has resulted in a significant reduction in particulate matter and other harmful emissions along with a measurable increase in fuel economy, according to the company.