Gray Manufacturing Company and Vehicle Service Group have entered into a Patent License Agreement related to wireless coordinated lift systems or wireless mobile column lifts.
Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

The move allows VSG to produce, use, and sell wireless coordinated lift systems protected under patents acquired by Gray through the U.S. Patent and Trade Office and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. The agreement will continue until the last patent covered under the agreement expires.

"We have worked with VSG in varying capacities over the years and know it to be a company with many of the same business values shared by Gray, including its production of quality products," said Stet Schanze, Gray Manufacturing president. "This agreement is good for both companies. It will permit VSG to manufacture and sell product covered under patents obtained and owned by Gray, and allow Gray to receive validation and appropriate compensation for its patent property rights."

"The addition of Gray's patented wireless capability will allow us to further help customers improve productivity in their vehicle maintenance, service and repair operations," said John Podczerwinski, Vehicle Service Group general manager of North and South America.