The Golden Age of Trucking Museum, a non-profit organization in Middlebury, Conn., will close its doors on July 20 due to financial difficulties.
The museum, which features an array of antique trucks on display, is seeking tax-deductible donations to keep it open.

The Golden Age of Trucking Museum was founded by Richard and Frances Guerrera in July 1998. At that time, the Guerreras were the owners of R.J. Guerrera, a liquid transportation trucking company. When his trucking business became successful, Guerrera began collecting and restoring antique trucks.

With over twenty pristinely restored vehicles, they wanted to have a place where the trucks could be "under one roof and enjoyed by all," according to the museum's website. The antiques were stored in barns and garages all over Connecticut and the trucks had never been in the same place.

In 1998, the Guerreras incorporated The Golden Age of Trucking Museum as a non-profit organization. Shortly after the museum's opening, Richard died of cancer. His wife Frances financed the 32,000 square foot facility that is now home to The Golden Age of Trucking Museum.

The museum will hold its last Cruise Night event on July 20 from 5 to 8 p.m.

If you'd like to donate to the effort to keep the museum open, go to or call 203-577-2181.