During last week's Operation Road Check, the Pennsylvania State Police and Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission placed 689 commercial vehicles and 137 drivers out of service in a three-day enforcement effort.

According to Frank E. Pawlowski, commissioner, officials inspected 3,502 commercial motor vehicles during the statewide event.

"Unsafe brakes and improperly secured loads were the most common safety violations identified during the inspections," Pawlowski said.

He said inspection teams also focused their attention on vehicle weights, tires, driver log books, commercial driver's licenses and insurance forms.

"The focus is always on the unsafe drivers," said Wayne E. Gardner, PUC commissioner. "However, an overwhelming percentage of the vehicles stopped were in good working condition and safe to be on the highways. More importantly, better than 96 percent of the drivers were in compliance with their credentials and paperwork. The majority of trucks and drivers on the road are safe, and, through these efforts, we are finding and removing those who are not."