Optronics International has acquired the Panelite Millenium Series lighting brand, patents and tooling, as well as the rights to Panelite's custom stainless steel truck accessories.
The Oklahoma City, Okla.-based Panelite suspended its operations back in January.

Optronics, headquarted near Tulsa, Okla., said some Millenium Series lighting products will be available in 30 days, but the entire line will be in stock by July 1.

"This puts an end to all of the rumors and speculation about what's going to happen to Panelite and its highly popular Millenium Series," said Brett Johnson, president/CEO of Optronics International.

Johnson explained that Optronics has purchased all of Panelite Corporation's intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, licensing agreements and tooling. He said Optronics plans to continue the selling, marketing and development of the Millenium Series product line, along with many of Panelite's accessories.

"We're making no changes to the Millenium Series lighting; it will be just like it has been - same tooling, same product," Johnson said. "However, we will be taking a little longer to study the accessories part of the equation."

More info: OptronicsInc.com