With the help of provincial trucking associations, law enforcement and representatives from the insurance industry, the Canadian Trucking Alliance will conduct a study to analyze cargo crime activity in Canada and explore solutions to this problem.

"The purpose of this study is to identify the trends in cargo crime across the country, identify best practices in combating cargo crime, and develop an action plan for the private and public sector to address this important issue," said David Bradley, CTA CEO.

While there are efforts to combat the problem, the CTA hopes to coordinate the efforts of the law enforcement, insurance and carrier communities.

"There appears to be much momentum within the carrier, insurance and law enforcement communities to deal with this issue," said Bradley. "The goal of this study is to focus these efforts in one direction by consulting with stakeholders and recording their recommendations on what needs to be done."

CTA will be using Lansdowne Technologies Inc. to coordinate the study, which will involve a literature review and interviews with stakeholders concerned with this issue.

The study will be completed by the summer of 2010 and the results will be discussed at a CTA workshop on cargo crime held on Oct. 5 in Toronto.