Estes, Richmond, Va., has reduced standard transit times in its less-than-truckload network by a full day from 15 terminals in the Upper Midwest to 47,491 destinations in the U.S.

Estes has re-engineered its freight routing network, including the conversion of its Des Moines, Iowa, terminal into a hub, to improve operational efficiencies and reduce transit times.

Last fall the company reduced transit times from 26 terminals in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest regions to more than 28,000 destinations.

"Since fourth quarter 2009, we have reduced transit times by a day to more than 75,000 destinations in the U.S., and we aren't finished yet," said President and CEO Rob Estes. "Every Estes employee is committed to finding ways we can we can work smarter and more efficiently to provide the most exemplary customer service in the industry."