After a California Air Resources Board investigation showed that Smart Refrigerated Transport failed to properly inspect their diesel vehicles in 2008, CARB settled with Smart for $23,000 this month for diesel emissions violations.
The carrier is based out of Modesto, Calif.

"Diesel exhaust is the most common air toxic pollutant in California and is a serious hazard to public health," said James Ryden, ARB enforcement chief. "ARB enforcement staff offer training to company employees who need current information on clean-air requirements."

The law requires owners of California-registered truck fleets to regularly inspect their vehicles to ensure that their engine emissions meet state air quality standards.

Smart Refrigerated Transport is required to:

* Guarantee employees responsible for conducting the inspections attend a California community college training class on diesel emissions compliance testing and provide certificates of completion within one year;
* Provide documentation to ARB that the inspections are being carried out for the next four years;
* Ensure all heavy-duty diesel vehicles have their software updated with the latest low-NOx programming;
* Instruct vehicle operators to comply with the state's idling regulations and other applicable regulations; and,
* Ensure all diesel truck engines are up to federal emissions standards for the vehicle model year and are properly labeled with an emission control certification label.

Of the $23,000 paid in penalties, $17,250 went to the California Air Pollution Control Fund for projects and research to improve California's air quality. The Peralta Community College District received $5,750 to fund emissions education classes conducted by participating California community colleges.