Through a new partnership, Teletrac Inc. will integrate SpeedGauge Inc. services into its Fleet Director 7 fleet management vehicle technology.
SpeedGauge provides web-based applications that analyze GPS data streams in real time to help fleets identify high risk driving behavior and lower fleet operating costs resulting from excessive speeding.

"Our customers are looking for tools to both improve operations and substantially improve safe driving behaviors," said Drew Hamilton, executive vice president, Teletrac. "SpeedGauge and Fleet Director integration provides both, without any disruption to the operations of customer fleets."

Fleet Director locates, tracks and monitors the position and operation of fleet vehicles, giving fleets increased visibility into operations. With Fleet Director, dispatchers and managers can view real-time information and summary data in Fleet Director's "dashboard" displays. Fleet Director also includes driver-level reports and scorecards, including those on fleet-level performance, catastrophic events, detailed stops and mileage, duration by driver, idle time by driver, speeding by driver, driver by vehicles and unsafe driver. Vehicle-level reports range from idling to odometer readings.

SpeedGauge ASP is a patented driver safety analytics application providing predictive decision-support information.

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