The American Transportation Research Institute is collecting data from fleets on truck speed limiters and fuel consumption as part of a research initiative aimed at documenting the impact of speed limiters on a fleet's safety and operations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration-sponsored study will analyze impacts from speed limiter use versus non-use, and ATRI is seeking involvement from both carriers that use speed limiters and those that do not. ATRI will also collect information on other safety and operational policies and metrics.

Despite the fact that speed limiters are used by a significant portion of the trucking industry to manage fuel consumption and improve safety, there's not a whole lot of information on the specific safety and fuel management benefits, ATRI says. The study will delve into those benefits.

All data collected by ATRI will remain strictly confidential and presented in cleansed, aggregate form only. As needed, ATRI will enter into non-disclosure agreements with participants to ensure confidentiality.

To participate, or if you have any questions, please contact Dan Murray of ATRI at (651) 641-6162 or [email protected]