Remy International has signed a long-term agreement with Allison Transmission to supply Allison with Remy HVH410 electric motors to be used in the new Allison Transmission Commercial Hybrid Truck Program.

Allison's initial efforts are directed toward the use of hybrids in pickup and delivery, shuttle, utility, and refuse applications.

"Our agreement with Remy was a very important step in our efforts to deliver the best performing and most economically viable hybrid truck solution," said Lawrence E. Dewey, Allison Transmission CEO.

The HVH410 is an advanced electric motor for medium-duty, heavy-duty and off-highway hybrid and electric vehicles based on Remy's patented High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) technology that provides improved motor performance and cooling effectiveness. The HVH410's torque and power density allows for improved fuel economy, increased range in all-electric drive mode and the potential for a smaller internal combustion engine in hybrid vehicles.

The Remy HVH410 electric motors will be made in Remy's Anderson, Ind., manufacturing facility, while Allison will be manufacturing the Allison Hybrid Truck Drive system in Indianapolis.

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