During a one-day enforcement event of truck size and weight laws on Jan. 14, Oregon Department of Transportation's Motor Carrier Transportation Division and Portland Police Bureau weighed more than 200 trucks.

In Oregon, commercial vehicles over 20,000 pounds are required to meet size and weight regulations and submit to random weighings and inspections. The enforcement operation was aimed at ensuring compliance with the laws and guarding Oregon's investment in its highways and bridges by protecting them from overloaded trucks and from trucks that may be too wide or too high.

During the one-day enforcement, officials issued 22 citations, including 18 for overweight violations. One truck was cited for being 10,000 pounds overweight, the second citation that driver received from ODOT that day. In addition, Portland Police Bureau cited three trucks for bypassing the scales.

"Oregon has a reputation for strict enforcement of commercial vehicle size, weight and safety regulations," said Ed Scrivner, ODOT Motor Carrier Field Services manager. "With the help of our law enforcement partners, we are able to reinforce that message with this operation."

In Oregon, commercial vehicles pay a weight-mile tax instead of the fuel tax that passenger vehicles pay. The weight-mile tax is part of the funding Oregon uses to preserve and maintain roads and bridges.

More info: www.oregon.gov/ODOT/MCT