U.K.-based Trafficmaster, the parent company of Teletrac, has acquired Fleet Management Solutions, which provides satellite-based tracking solutions for remote mobile assets.

The acquisition of FMS by Trafficmaster, resulting in a broad, complementary product portfolio, will enable Teletrac and FMS to facilitate the adoption of these new technologies by organizations that have multiple fleets and/or mixed fleets with varying requirements for security, communications, ruggedness, price sensitivity, and timely access to data.

According to Teletrac, the FMS product portfolio will complement its Fleet Director 7, Teletrac's flagship solution that helps fleet locate, track and monitor the position and operation of fleet vehicles.

"While Fleet Director provides exceptional levels of functionality, the combination of Teletrac/FMS product sets will offer access to the latest technologies for a new segment of the market," said Drew Hamilton, executive vice president of Teletrac.

"Clients now have immediate access to an expanded line of products, services and resources that meet all fleet tracking requirements regardless of type, size, location or topography," said Cliff Henley, CEO of FMS.