Despite the effects of the economic recession last year, Collective Data managed to achieve an 8 percent boost in sales and a 20 percent increase in income year-over-year for 2009.

The company attributes the results to the introduction of new products, including a new version of its collectiveFleet system, with support for ad-hoc report creation and report retrieval through web-based mobile applications, and its new collectiveShop software, an interface for shop floor mechanics.

"Many fleet managers are under increasing pressure to provide a more productive, efficient fleet but with a smaller budget," said Jason Wonase, president and lead software engineer for Collective Data. "Because of this, it is more important now than ever to know where every dollar is going. We've spent a lot of resources gearing our products to better manage the entire operation of the fleet, and it's making a significant impact on our clients' bottom-line."

The company has a positive outlook for 2010.

"As the needs of fleet managers continue to increase, we will continue to push forward bringing new technology to the industries we serve," Wonase said. "We have a lot of new concepts and features that are in development for 2010, and we are very excited to offer them to our clients in the coming months."