As 2009 comes to a close SIRIUS XM's Road Dog Trucking Radio will look back on the biggest trucking stories of the year on The Year in Trucking, a live special airing Monday, Dec. 28
from 2-4 p.m. ET on "The Lockridge Report" with host Evan Lockridge.

Lockridge and guests will review the issues from inside and outside the industry that affected the trucking business and professional drivers, including; the economy, recession, and fluctuating price of fuel; the fall-off in truck freight levels and rates; the pros and cons of competing technologies for truck engines; forthcoming federal regulations of trucking equipment and vehicle carbon dioxide emissions; and more.

Lockridge's guests on this special are trucking industry journalists who have written extensively about these issues, including: Deborah Lockridge, Editor of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine; Sean Kilcarr, Editor of American Trucker Magazine and Senior Editor of Fleet Owner Magazine; and Jim Park, Equipment Editor for Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine and contributor to Today's Trucking Magazine. They will take calls from listeners across the country, and offer updates on what's happened since these stories first broke.

"2009 has seen more changes to the trucking industry than most any year in quite a long time," said Evan Lockridge. "The year to come will see many of these big developments affect the industry, including truck drivers, even more."

Every day on The Lockridge Report, veteran trucking journalist Evan Lockridge tackles the tough issues facing truckers today - interviewing industry heavyweights and giving drivers a platform to speak their minds. Sirius XM's Road Dog Trucking Radio (Sirius channel 147 and XM channel 171) is a 24/7 news, information, and entertainment destination for the professional truck driver. For more information, visit and