The EPA's SmartWay program has added Continental Tire North America's HTL1 super single trailer tire to its list of verified technologies for tires.

The HTL1, Heavy Trailer Long-Haul, features 13/32 inch tread depth and can be used to replace duals on highway or regional trailer axle fitments. The tire has six ribs to evenly distribute the weight and protect the tread pattern from irregular wear. A decoupler rib offers irregular wear resistance at the shoulder. The tire also includes pyramid stone bumper/ejection system to reduce stone retention and casing penetrations.

SmartWay determined that the HTL1 meets the qualifications for low rolling resistance tires, which provide a reduction in NOx emissions and an estimated fuel savings of 3 percent or more, compared to the "best selling" new tires for line haul trucks, when used on all three axles.

The HTL1 is the fourth of Continental's commercial truck tires to be verified by the EPA for low rolling resistance. The complete lineup of SmartWay verified tires from Continental covers all three truck axles and now includes the Continental HSL2 in the steer position; the Continental HDL Eco Plus in the drive position; and the Continental HTL Eco Plus and Continental HTL1 for the trailer position.