The Florida communities of Hialeah, Miami-Dade County, and the City of Miami have purchased 11 Autocar E3 refuse trucks with Parker Hannifin's RunWise hydraulic hybrid technology.
Delivery is expected in mid-year 2010.

"A variation of this technology platform has already received commercial scale orders for use on walk-in delivery vehicles," said Jeff Cullman, group president of hydraulics for Parker Hannifin. "We are particularly pleased to see our public agency partners lead the way in recognizing the benefits that this technology can bring in terms of lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact."

RunWise features proprietary software that allows for seamless shifting and smoother braking, Parker Hannifin says. During a full month of testing in south Florida, the RunWise system saw a 72 percent improvement in fuel efficiency. The company says the technology can extend the brake maintenance period for each truck from every six months to once every 24 months or 30 months, depending on duty cycle. While the system is currently in pre-production, full production is expected in 2011.

Hialeah purchased four trucks, while the solid waste department of Miami-Dade County requested six trucks. Miami bought one truck.

"These hybrid truck waste collection vehicles will allow us to use less fuel and reduce our repair and maintenance costs," said Carlos Alvarez, mayor of Miami-Dade County. "Miami-Dade County was the first municipal agency in the United States to test the hybrid vehicles in its waste collection operations."

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