The Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety have chosen to use an integrated transportation solution from Intergraph and Cambridge Systematics, which will automate their oversize/overweight vehicle routing and permitting functions.

With the new solution, the departments will be able to streamline the permit submission, review and issuance processes for the state and motor carriers. The solution will also improve the safety of oversize/overweight vehicle movements.

"The safe and efficient permitting and routing of oversize/overweight vehicles are key components of successful DOT operations," said Jay Adams, chairman of the selection committee for oversize/overweight routing and permitting at Oklahoma DOT. "We have been working with Intergraph for several years to manage our geographic information system and linear referencing system, as well as to geospatially power our intranet and web portal.

"Due to the success of these projects, we are pleased that Intergraph has partnered with Cambridge Systematics to offer a combined, turnkey solution for oversize/overweight routing and permitting that will further boost our productivity, enhance driver safety and help manage our infrastructure."

The combined solution will allow Oklahoma to conduct online permitting for oversize/overweight vehicles, automatically generate safe travel routes, share temporary changes in road conditions in real-time and log routes for simple tracking and improved infrastructure management.

Other functions of the combined application include online permitting, online automated routing, restriction management, and route logging.

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