Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with other state and local leaders, was on hand to celebrate the opening of Electric Vehicles International's worldwide headquarters and primary U.S. facility in Stockton, Calif., recently.
The new facility will be used for manufacturing zero-emissions, all-electric, medium-duty delivery vehicles as well as light-duty vehicles.

EVI decided to make the move to California in an effort to help eliminate mobile-source toxic diesel particulate pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

"In California, we are creating a new economic foundation for the 21st Century built on clean fuel, clean energy and clean cars that is turning us into the green capital of the nation and the world," said Schwarzenegger. "EVI could have relocated anywhere in the world but they chose to come here to California because we have created the right environment for clean-tech and green-tech companies."

"As the world's leading location for adopting green technology and promoting sustainable transportation, California is where our customers are and where we need to be," said Ricky Hanna, CEO of EVI-USA. "Stockton is centrally-located to serve all our key markets and has exceptional infrastructure and an excellent labor force."

With the new facility, EVI expects to create 450 jobs by 2010, including 150 direct green jobs in Stockton. The company's vehicle technology will eliminate toxic diesel particulate pollution and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 75 percent, compared with diesel, EVI says. The venture is also expected to decrease the state's dependence on foreign oil.

Through a partnership with Freightliner and Daimler, EVI has electrified medium-duty trucks built on full-sized frames using American industry standard chassis and cabs. These high-torque, powerful, zero-emissions vehicles will serve a large segment of public and private delivery fleets. In addition, EVI has formed a strategic alliance with Freightliner to build a fully electric Walk-In Van, the WI EVI.

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