The Truckload Carriers Association will host a webcast covering the federal government's new safety compliance program, Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010
on Nov. 10, 2009, from noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern time. "Are you ready for CSA 2010?" will help get you ready for next summer's launch by addressing questions and issues related to the program. CSA 2010 is designed to reduce the number of large truck crashes, injuries, and fatalities on the nation's highways, TCA says.

Topics will include:

* How could CSA 2010 affect your safety rating?
* What are the 7 BASICs?
* What is the proposed operational model?
* What will be the impact of the new intervention tactics?
* What is the safety measurement system?
* How will each of your drivers receive his/her own safety rating?

The webcast will feature insights from Jeff Davis, vice president of safety and human resources at Jet Express, and Kevin Burch, president at Jet Express. The session is designed for CEOs, chief financial officers, and safety and risk managers.

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