The American Trucking Associations announced the winners of its third annual Mike Russell "Good Stuff" Trucking Image Award, including Pottles Transportation in the motor carrier category and the West Virginia Motor Truck Association in the state association category.
This marks the first year the award has had multiple recipients. The Colorado Motor Carriers Association and Nevada Motor Transport Association received honorable mentions.

The award was created to honor those that creatively implement the "Good Stuff. Trucks Bring It" campaign in order to generate positive awareness of the trucking industry.

"I am pleased to see all aspects of the industry take such an active role in improving the image of the trucking industry," said Bill Graves, ATA president and CEO. "The work both Pottles Transportation and the West Virginia Motor Truck Association have accomplished demonstrates that improving the image of trucking is best served by an industry-wide commitment."

Submissions were evaluated by an impartial panel of judges based on creativity, execution and reach/impact.

The award is named in honor of the late Mike Russell, a trucking industry supporter and media official who helped develop the "Good Stuff. Trucks Bring It." campaign as vice president of Public Affairs for the American Trucking Associations. Russell's efforts to improve the image of the trucking industry through the image campaign were the inspiration for this award.

Pottles Transportation received the award for its promotion of the trucking industry and community involvement, including educating students about highway safety, working with state and federal legislators, and spearheading community projects.

The West Virginia Motor Truck Association demonstrated its promotion of the industry by hosting ATA for a Share the Road event on the steps of the state capitol and nominating the association chairman for Business Man of Year.

"Good Stuff. Trucks Bring It" is an industry-wide campaign aimed at improving the image of trucking. By emphasizing the relevance of trucking to all aspects of American society, the image campaign presents the public with a positive, modern image of the professional driver and industry.

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