Johnson Matthey, a London-based specialty chemicals company, has rebranded its Advanced CCRT System, the second generation benchmark CCRT filter technology for heavy duty diesel 2.5 gram NOx EGR and non-EGR engine retrofits
. The company has changed the name to the AdvCCRT System and will revamp other branding materials, including packaging, labels, advertising, trade show materials and other marketing and technical literature.

"This is a marketing decision to more clearly differentiate Johnson Matthey's product from other brand names that may appear to be similar," said Marty Lassen, Johnson Matthey's director of commercial development and marketing. "We want to clearly define this advanced technology for the heavy-duty diesel market."

The Johnson Matthey system has been verified by the EPA for cutting particulate matter by more than 90 percent. The AdvCCRT System was also verified by the California Air Resources Board in April of this year.

The AdvCCRT System uses three distinct catalyst formulations specifically engineered for optimum performance, the company says. Upstream, a Johnson Matthey oxidation catalyst coated on a flow-through substrate optimizes conditions for the second, downstream catalytically coated wall-flow filter to burn off virtually all particulate matter. The third catalyst, a nitrogen dioxide decomposition catalyst, then reduces nitrogen dioxide.

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