PeopleNet has announced that its PerformX engine monitoring system is fully compatible with Hino engines in medium-duty trucks, model years 2008-2010.

The company's PerformX hardware connects the PeopleNet onboard computer with Hino's engine diagnostic port, allowing it to collect engine performance data for creating various PerformX reports in the system.

"PerformX data feeds speed, shifting, and idle management information to PeopleNet's MPG dashboard, its Professional Services ROI program, as well as other PeopleNet applications that support driver compliance, safety and improvements in operational efficiency," said Tom Dorazio, PeopleNet product manager.

In another announcement, truckload carrier Dart Transit Company, Eagan, Minn., has chosen to install PeopleNet.

"Their decision tree format is extremely easy to use, prompting drivers for all required information," Dan Lyddy, Dart vice president of information systems. "In addition, safe messaging that doesn't distract drivers and use of electronic logs are critical to helping us meet our safety goals."

Using PeopleNet, Dart Transit is electronically monitoring hours of service to help drivers stay in compliance, and vehicle and driver performance data helps management identify areas that need attention. Pacos, PeopleNet's geofencing application, automates driver and dispatch functions for optimizing customer service and provides critical performance data to Dart's owner-operators that helps them increase the efficiency of stops and improve supply-chain communications. In addition, PeopleNet Link expedites the integration of these applications with Dart's back-office systems, and Logistics Intelligence dashboard reporting provides both real-time, exception-based engine performance data and drill-down, comparative and flexible reporting.

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