The AltWheels Fleet Day will be held Oct. 5 at the Staples world headquarters in Framingham, Mass., where alternative fleet technologies will be on display
Fleet Day 2008 featured a variety of vehicles with alternative technologies.
Fleet Day 2008 featured a variety of vehicles with alternative technologies.
. The day will feature energy and money saving technologies that are under development as well as technologies currently in the marketplace.

"Five years ago we started Fleet Day with more attendees' skeptics than believers," said Alison Sander, founder of AltWheels, a non-profit organization. "That balance has seen a complete 180 degree turn. Seeing is believing, and now almost all the fleet managers who attend are eager to learn new ways to save energy and money."

The event will include displays of more than 50 vehicles from small vehicles to large 18-wheelers, with a full range of alternative technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to ride and drive most vehicles.

"We're finally seeing a wide variety of manufacturers producing efficient vehicles that meet fleet manager's needs," said Mike Payette, fleet manager from Staples. "We're excited to host Fleet Day again to show off some of the efficient vehicles we're using and to share with others some of the most efficient technologies available today."

The displays will include vehicles from companies such as AVSG, Azure Dynamics, Braun, Converdant, Dennis K. Burke, Eaton, Ford, GM, Honda, Isuzu, Liberty International Trucks, Mercedes Benz, Minute Man Trucks, Paul Revere Transportation, Smith Electric, Toyota and Trimble.

On display will be more than 50 vehicles from the biggest names in the business, across many platforms, including everything from small "people movers" to big-rig 18 wheelers featuring a full range of alternative technologies. One of the more unique vehicles will be the first Class 6, 100 percent electric truck in use in the country, AltWheels says.

Speakers will include more than 50 leaders on fleet technologies, industry experts and representatives from some of the biggest names in the field.

"This year's AltWheels will, without a doubt, be the best attended," said Sander. "Each year more manufacturers produce more efficient technologies and each year more fleet managers put them on the roads. Our goal is to put the two together to create a more energy efficient transportation system."

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