Professional moving van operators are increasingly interested in protecting the environment and using advanced technology on the road
, according to Atlas Van Lines' annual King of the Road survey, released Tuesday.

The survey, which offers insight into the lives of professional van operators, found that 94 percent of respondents are doing more to protect the environment, including recycling at 38 percent, drinking from reusable containers at 28 percent, and using biodiesel fuel at 12 percent. Meanwhile, a third of respondents use engine idle reduction systems.

In addition, drivers reported the use of more technology. The cell phone was the most popular method of communication among drivers, with 95 percent. Over a third of van operators have daily access to a computer, and more than half use a computer once a week or more. The survey also found that Blackberries and other mobile devices are becoming more popular, with 14 percent of van operators using these devices, up from 7 percent a year ago.

The biggest hurdle that drivers face on the road is staying healthy, with 56 percent struggling with eating right and 24 struggling with getting enough exercise. The survey said that there are efforts by drivers to overcome these challenges. Many van operators are doing what they can to stay fit by walking/running at truckstops at 37 percent. Seventy-one percent are choosing water as their top drink, while 36 percent are eating fresh fruit as their top snack. Subway, which is promoted as a healthy fast-food alternative, was the most popular restaurant by far, followed by KFC and Wendy's.

"Who better than a national network of professional van operators to say which truck stop, motor oil, or brand of tire is best?" said Glen Dunkerson, Atlas World Group chairman and CEO. "These are the things they live with every day, and the King of the Road survey lets them share their knowledge and experience with the rest of us."

Other highlights of the survey include:

• Most scenic highway: I-70
• Most boring highway: I-10
• State with the best rest stops: Florida
• Favorite hotel chain: Super 8
• Best coffee: Dunkin' Donuts
• Most effective antacid: Tums

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