The Fram brand has created a new electronic rebate reporting system for the automotive aftermarket and heavy-duty marketplace
. The new system streamlines the reporting process for its warehouse distributors and fleet customers, increasing accuracy of reporting and reducing the cycle time for credit issuances.

Fram worked in conjunction with Datalliance, a provider of Vendor Managed Inventory services, which helped develop and engineer the program.

"Our new reporting program helps enhance the overall business-to-business program we offer our Fram customers," said Kenny Cameron, channel marketing manager, Fram Filtration. "Plus, we are finding that customers are actually getting larger rebates, $200 more per credit in some instances, due to the fact that they weren't capturing all of their rebates when doing it manually."

Using the system, Fram product distributors are able to receive their credits as much as 60 days sooner, according to the company. The reporting system only requires some initial input from customers.

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