BNSF Railway has expanded its services this year with 23 new intermodal services and faster transit times on 45 different lanes
. The changes were made based on feedback from customers.

According to the Texas-based company, BNSF's service is about 20 percent faster than any other carrier, with an on-time performance record of better than 94 percent.

"We are committed to being the first and best choice for intermodal transport and can only do that by continually making service improvements based on customer needs," said Steve Branscum, group vice president, consumer products.

In addition to several new lanes throughout the country, BNSF has updated its customer service online, including the new Intermodal Transit Advisor, a free online tool that provides information on available routes, cutoff and availability times, transit time and miles between origin and destination by modes of transport.

The company's Intermodal Savings Estimator looks at route information and compares the pricing between BNSF intermodal shipping and highway shipping. The company also provides a Carbon Estimator, which gives companies insight into their carbon footprint.

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