Long-haul truckload carrier Marten Transport is implementing a driver pay program based on a graduated pay scale that will offer higher mileage pay for shorter hauls.

"Instead of a flat rate per mile, as our OTR drivers are paid now, all Marten OTR drivers will be paid based on a graduated pay scale," said Tim Norlin, Marten's director of recruiting. "The scale is based on the length of haul and each driver will have a base rate. If you pull shorter loads, you will receive a premium. So, the shorter the load, the higher the mileage pay."

The Fair Pay program, as it's called, will be geared toward drivers with a short average length of haul, while previous pay packages have been aimed at the traditional long haul driver.

"We are already ahead of the curve by expanding new regional runs with our Midwest, Southeast, South Central, Southwest Regional, Mid-Atlantic and Western fleets," said Norlin. "It is now time to implement the Fair Pay program to make sure our pay rates per mile fairly compensate our OTR drivers."

Marten will maintain its over-the-road division. This new program was designed to address changes in the industry, including customers who are shortening their supply chain by building manufacturing and distribution networks closer to consumers. This has caused length of shipments to decrease as new regional plants and distribution centers are built.

Marten Transport, headquartered in Mondovi, Wis., specializes in transporting food and other consumer packaged goods that require a time and temperature-sensitive or insulated environment.

More info: www.drive4marten.com