Domestic intermodal transport outperformed trucks during the second quarter of 2009
, according to a report by FTR Associates.

Intermodal's share of U.S. long-haul movements of domestic containers and trailers was up 0.3 percent from the first quarter at 6.5 percent. The market share represented by intermodal movement of both domestic and international freight was 12.4 percent, a boost of 0.1 percent from the first quarter.

"The performance of the domestic intermodal sector is extremely impressive given the current economic conditions," said Lawrence Gross, senior consultant for FTR and principal author of the Intermodal Monthly Update. "Although the level of domestic intermodal traffic has declined, the decline has been less severe than the truck's, resulting in increased share. Domestic share has been increasing quite steadily since the third quarter of 2007."

"This analysis provides evidence that domestic intermodal's value proposition continues to resonate with shippers," Gross said. "With intermodal speeds and reliability hitting all-time levels, shippers have more incentive than ever to take advantage of the superior economics that intermodal offers in many instances."