Cascade Sierra Solutions, a non-profit organization based in Coburg, Ore., won a $22.2 million infusion from the federal government to advance truckstop electrification infrastructures
. The funding is part of President Obama's larger initiative to invest in electric vehicle technologies.

"If we want to reduce our dependence on oil, put Americans back to work and reassert our manufacturing sector as one of the greatest in the world, we must produce the advanced, efficient vehicles of the future," Obama said.

The new venture involves a partnership with New York-based ShorePower Technologies, to help CSS to install ShorePower Truck Electrified Parking Space systems for diesel trucks at 50 truckstops throughout the U.S. CSS will also give out 25 percent rebates to truck owners purchasing idle reduction equipment upgrades with electric stand-by capabilities.

"Every Shorepower Truck Stop parking space used eight hours a day instead of idling a diesel truck engine will eliminate 30 tons of carbon emitted to the atmosphere during the course of a year," said Jeff Kim at Shorepower Technologies. "We expect 35 million gallons of diesel fuel to be saved over the first ten years."

"Many new model trucks come equipped with electric plug-in capabilities," said Dave Orton, communication manager at CSS. "If we can encourage the use of this equipment, we know drivers can save a gallon of fuel an hour by not having to idle their main engines for cab comfort."

The program launch is expected by late fall 2009.

For details, visit www.CascadeSierraSolutions.Org.